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email _____________________________________________ 
phone _____________________________________________ 312 960 9526 
place ______________________________________________ Chicago IL 60647




Bachelor Of Fine Arts , School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago



2020 - present
Freelance Illustrator
Worked on commercial deadlines with a multitude of clients to create compelling visual stories for personal and professional use.

May 17th - July 27th 2023
Fabric Sales, Textile Discount Outlet
Responsible for advising and cutting fabric for customers.

May 16th - June 17th 2022
Artist Mentor, Arts of Life
Arts of Life is a non-profit that provides artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities a collective space to expand their art practice and promote their work. As an Artist Mentor I was responsible for providing direct assistance to artists, and run weekly programming, such as workshops.

July 4th - December 24th 2022
Teaching Assistant, SAIC  (Advanced Projects)(Early College Program)(Core Practice)
Assisted college level studio courses, implementing an advance understanding of creative processes across multiple disciplines, delivering fundamental class wide and one-on-one instruction on the use of 3D printers, laser cutters, and wood saws.




November 3rd - January 7th 2023-4
TEN by TEN @ Jackson Junge Gallery, Chicago IL

December 3rd 2022
Group Show @ The Annex (by Belong Gallery), Chicago IL

October 18th - November 4th 2022
SAIC Undergraduate Exhibition @ SAIC Galleries, Chicago IL

September 24th - November 5th 2022
The Feminist Biennial @ Woman Made Gallery, Chicago IL

May 16th - August 15th 2021
Ellipsis @ Glendale Youth Center, CA

December 4th - 14th 2020
Glimmers @ Zangak Bookstore, Armenia




August 27th 2022
Experimental Performance Night
DIRT was the gallery label I operated under when hosting shows in my Pilsen apartment. Experimental performance night featured Ricardo Vilas Freire, Polina Shklovskaya, Mia Bissias, and myself in two improvisational performances. These were followed by a musical performance from Dew del Villar and Eric Sampsun.

November 19th 2022
Acoustic Show
This even at DIRT gallery featured the Fundamental Kink, No Candor, and Monroe. Three midwestern rock bands performing with a new acoustic sound.

October 27th 2023
This outdoor sculpture show was organized in collaboration with Scout Yu and hosted in the back yard of my Logan Square apartment. It featured outdoor sculptures by Jess Bass, Jeremy Plotkin Wong, Janette Torres Cordero, Morgan Brothers, and Fick Patterson. It also included an audio performance by Eric Capper.



oil painting 
3d printing
laser cutting   



Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom
Ultimaker Cura  




artist statemet


As an artist, I'm driven by a curiosity of life and a compulsion to recreate it, in a way that is my own. Zepure is a chosen name. It's an Armenian word that describes a warm, gentle breeze. Beyond an identity, it is a philosophy of honoring the forces of life and working in conjunction with them. Art, first and foremost, is a healer. One would wonder why that is, since an artist’s life is an endless pursuit of feelings, to collect and purge onto the world, where they will be displayed and dissected by people who don’t know you, or care for your intentions. It’s less than glamorous. Still, my practice is the most sacred thing to me, because despite the chaos and uncertainty of life, every once in a while I get to look at something I created and see total peace.

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